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Located at 90th and Fort

Serving the entire Omaha area and surrounding communities

towing truck

Let us give you a lift

Don't worry if your car can't make it in

We offer full service towing and we'd be happy to get your vehicle into the shop in order to make any and all repairs that it requires.

Why choose Keith's?

- Damage free wheel lift towing

- Jump starts

- Tire changes

Check out our AC repair service

A little hot?

Let us fix your AC system so you don't have to spend another miserable Omaha summer with your shirt stuck to your seat!

We're proud to

offer towing in addition to the rest

of our services

Call us for a tow next time you're broken down

We wouldn't be much of a repair shop if we weren't able to transport unusable vehicles to get them fixed. So call us next time you need a fix but can't make it in yourself.