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car suspension

Don't take your steering wheel for granted

Sure, to you it's just another piece of your car that does something you might not completely understand. To us, it's the lifeblood of your ability to control your vehicle and navigate the roads safely. Even if you do know more than that, we'll make sure that your car's steering system gets all the love it so very much deserves.

Why Keith's?

- Complete power steering system inspections

- Fluid flush and fill

- Check for leaks

- Tire alignments

- Check all belts

- Tire balancing

Check out our diagnostics page

What's wrong with your car?

You may not be sure, other than that you know something is most certainly wrong.

Works for us. Bring it on in and we'll put it through every one of our diagnostic checks.

We'll fix that pesky steering issue better than anyone

Car not tracking right? Bring it to us

If you want to get to where you're going safely,

make sure that your car will actually respond when you turn the steering wheel. Or better yet, let us

make sure it will for you.

We'll fix your suspension too!

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