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car exhaust installation

Something up with your exhaust?

Like most of the functions of your vehicle, your exhaust might not be something that you completely understand. That's OK because every one of our mechanics is a complete car nerd. So bring it to us if you think something fishy is happening and we'll take care of it.

Why Keith's?

- Exhaust system replacement

- Exhaust system repair

- Exhaust system damage check

Check our steering & suspension page

Can't control your car?

If so, you might have a problem with your steering or suspension systems. That's dangerous, so let us take a look and make sure everything is running correctly.

Don't let an exhaust problem ruin your whole vehicle

Give us a call

and we'll discuss

your issue

If your exhaust system is having problems, that could mean damage to the environment and a nuisance to you and your fellow drivers.

We'll clean up your exhaust

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